- XRP set swing low the other day, has now started setting higher lows- indicating consolidation and trend reversal
- peak volume shows end of short term price movement south (a few days ago)
- Downtrend line broken with increasing BULL volume
- Looks like the price action will breakout, retest the trend line , and then continue in same direction forming a cup and handle

Add Qty on Retest of downtrend line approximately 0.000122

TP1 0.000143 at previous Swing High
TP2 0.000159 at next swing high

Market is questionable- BTC             looks to bounce off $10K and starting to form higher lows on the short time frame. Most Altcoins have been following BTC             . If BTC             starts moving north- short term gains on most coins.

No indicators included this time- back to basics Support/resistance and volume .

Cut Losses Quick- especially in a emotional and unstable market. Good Luck

交易進行: 3 bounces in order book
Even margin at 0.00012103
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