$XRP to retest top. 160% gains

813 4
Possible $XRP pump to previous high at .00024. from .000094 that makes around 160% gains. Surely there is a recognized pattern here. I used correlation to the $ETH pump in March to make this prediction. If that pattern does come through, I would expect it to pump within the next 10 days, but more likely within the next 5 days. If it breaks below .000087, I will consider selling at a loss.
交易進行: This is looking great. Acting as a decent hedge against the downturn in BTC price. Looking for a pump to 12k or 14k before backing off and then pumping again.
交易進行: Slower moving than I anticipated, but I am confident in this trade, HODLING.
交易進行: Position doubled. My body is ready
評論: officially back in $XRP just closed my eth short to jump back in.
seatbelt fastened tray in upright position
looks like its breaking out
Thank you, I am reading your posts and I must say that you have really nice explanations, bad thing why people do not give thanks to whom study hard for these charts, appreciate it bro, it's a pleasure to follow you
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