XRP is a buy now, go go go

BITTREX:XRPBTC   瑞波幣 / 比特幣
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7 day MA is moving towards the 77 day MA. In wallstreet, the 7 day MA means new money. So new money is coming back into XRP.

Furthermore, XRP just finished a head and shoulders pattern, so the dangerous is over. I feel it will move up from here. Short term target is 5$ in USDT.

Remember kids, XRP is a centralized coin so only use it to increase your btc position.
評論: XRP is stalling, don't get impatient. Trends aren't born in a day. I am selling 50% of my position at ,000159 BTC per XRP. I put all of my altcoin funds into XRP now, that's how adamant I am of a rise.
評論: MACD crossed over to positive on the 30 minute chart. It should be going up from here. Expect a small consolidation phase upwards.
評論: Position closed at a loss in BTC
Remember kids, XRP has a concrete decentralization strategy :)
asparoth dirkmoors
@dirkmoors, Until Ripple completely gives up its XRP position and puts in into an independent foundation it will always remain centralized at its core. No matter the decentralization strategy. I like the effort, but decentralizing the ledger is not enough. Vitalik did the same with ETH, which I don't see happening with XRP.
dirkmoors asparoth
@asparoth, Yeah could be. It will be interesting to find out of how "being part of a private company" will impact the XRP value in the long run. I don't think either that XRP will be put in an independent foundation any day soon, but maybe that is part of a larger strategy to ease the adoption of xRapid for financial institutions etc.

I think 2018 will be an interesting year for XRP, but also for the entire crypto-market as we know it today.
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