$XRP #Ripple - Nice run, but could get a little bumpy

BITTREX:XRPBTC   瑞波幣 / 比特幣
On the trending 1 day chart, the recent btc events sent xrp crashing through the simple moving average into the bottom channel of the bollinger / keltner .

Upon evaluating the rebound, xrp has made some significant gains (like the rest of the alt market). That being said, the 1 hour signal chart has price dangling well above cloud.

Due to the current downtrend in xrp, I believe this is a good combination to conclude this as - not the bottom - and I will be waiting to enter xrp for a short term long position.

Waiting to see interaction within the bottom channel. Will look for a strong buy signal in the 1 hour chart.
Excuse me, what is a short term long position?
damoredoo dokcoin
@dokcoin, short term bullish. Some peoplerefer to going long as thinking it will go up. Therefore, trading a position short term while believing it will increase in price
dokcoin damoredoo
@damoredoo, thank you for your reply. So you’ll try to buy some now, but sell it soon after it will go up a little bit in day or two, because you think it will go down later?
Thank you so much for your explanation and good luck!
damoredoo dokcoin
@dokcoin, going to do more research today, but for this coin, the daily (trending) charts are bearish, but the hourly (signal) charts have trade opportunities. Keep in mind the timeframes before trading and base your hodling period on that. So I am currently trading short time frames and refraining from hodling multiple days-week range. Will post more on xrp today with up to date pricing and analysis
I agtee!
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