Another analysis about XRP

Yesterday i have analysis on XRP about "W" pattern (you can see in my profile), and they have successfully making perfect "W" with very long right leg.

So what next? I dont know, and nobody in this world will know :)
but i little thought about this situasion, there is 2 situation:

1. If XRP decided to fall , it will meet 2 support line ( blue line and green line) . for me , i think, blue support can hold it very nicely. As you can see blue support very very strong support . So if XRP decided to fall it will go around 0.000103-0.000106 area. So if you already make profit , you can set this area to make a good buy.

2. IF XRP decided to rise again , it will test first resistance ( red line) and if they can break it , it will go through ,until they meet second resistance (purple line) around 0.00017800-0.00018000.

So what will your decission , its up to you guys. But for me , as i already said yesterday , i will make long to all cryptospace! and my target for xrp more than $1 in the end of the year.

But always stay safe with all your investment!
評論: look like they broke black line support , and i found very nice long term triangle , maybe (just maybe) they will playing up and down until they reach narrowing triangle (on 15 -17 june) then started to the moon . i hope so :)

It looks like it is forming a h&s pattern and will head back to support...
RonnySiswanto movethebeerdownstairs
@movethebeerdownstairs, i see it to buddy, i they will test resistance and support , playing up and down, until they reach narrowing long term triangle
I like how do you organize your data, hope you are right!
RonnySiswanto CianSocks
@CianSocks, thank you, at least we prepare for worst situation.
With the current situation. It will rise or fall?
@HaiLong, its so hard to predict it, As i see there is another support on 0.00012000-0.00012400 area , it seems XRP play in this area very well. Also xrp already test red resistance and broke it before falling down. I believe xrp will test red again and decided it to break it or not . If they choose to fall it will meet very strong support line (blue line). as you can see on 9 may they fallen before make rise again.
thanks for the chart!
@rhb_3000, welcome :)
rhb_3000 RonnySiswanto
@RonnySiswanto, wonder if the black line will act as support here..
@rhb_3000, i hope so buddy, until now it can hold it very well, i more interested to test red resistance for second time..
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