Ripple Vs Doppler: The pebble skedaddle. (Circular Geometry)

I do not trade this but there where some rumors on the box so the thought came, lets throw some Fib Arcs and Gann Angles at it and see what happens....I should have done that sooner as it looks so beautiful.

XRP for now looks like a ripple from a skedaddle from a pebble and it could come down again to go more up...R2R

Enjoy (Circular Geometry)

Om Sri Satoshi Ji Namah
OM Sri Satoshi Mahadev! Jai!
評論: After a 2x(NapTime90m) I looked at the chart with a refreshed mind and moved the yellow Fib circles 1 fib level and a slightly different path was unveiled. I added Fib ext. to see if confluence of tools appears around the usual suspects of Fib. ratio´s within OTE (Optimum Trade Entry zone)

The original published chart is as good as a initial look can get for me, so it is still valid.

評論: Scaling is everything, while working, developing my technique and skill set with (Circular Geometry scaling has become very important. With my "normal"charting technique to find entries and exits for trades it has less of an importance. With (Circular Geometry) it is everything, for this reason I can not use Logarithmic scale as this will remove the natural circular order of the Time/Price continuum. If you use Fib Circles or Arcs do not use Log scale.

Om Sri Satoshi Ji Namah
OM Sri Satoshi Mahadev! Jai!
評論: The CRypto XRP5500 XL

評論: The cRypto XRP Espace

評論: Wrong pic this is The XRP ESpace

評論: On its way to the PT between 4900-5800

評論: XRP5500XL is rapidly approaching profit target..

評論: Check out the 3 vertical lines at the end which are the ascend, target hit and descend time fibs.
評論: XRP model eSpace into last stage, the approach.

評論: (Circular Geometry) The Crypton XRP5500XL

"Perfection is in the I of the creator."

評論: (Circular Geometry) The Ripple eSpace

Target hit, profit taken, stop-loss triggered and loss suffered, discard the attachment to being right.
Be like Teflon, non-sticky, next bus in 10 minutes.

Perfection is the I of the creator.

評論: Still ripping it.

What a beauty.

... like a ripple from a skedaddle from a pebble...

Can you please elaborate a bit more?
@cyberholz, Pls, see the updated chart.
For you buy ripple now?
@ste2303, Nah, I have got other things to do.
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