Today XRP will be pumb

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Interledger - the Protocol for Connecting Ledgers

Evan Schwartz is co-inventor of the Interledger Protocol ( ILP ) and Managing Director of the Ripple Luxembourg R&D office.

Interledger enables payments and micropayments across blockchains and other types of ledgers. It is an internetworking protocol for money and other assets that abstracts the differences between ledgers and allows payments to be securely routed through untrusted connectors. Interledger is being used to connect blockchains, send multi-currency micropayments, and upgrade bank-to-bank transfers. The presentation will include live Interledger micropayments and an explanation of how you can connect to the Interledger.
People have become increasingly interested in SBI Virtual Currency launch date and I am going to compile some link here for others to check for future developments. I am slo going to list pdf presentations for people to read and links to SBI holdings and their calender. This I think will allow for us to keep up on the current situation with SBI , as they're becoming the first major adopter of Ripple and XRP. Please add links and updates as you come across them.

SBI Virtual Currency website-

SBI Holdings website-

SBI Remit website-

SBI Calender of events for investors, this is quick access to see what is upcoming-

SBI Fiscal Year 2016 Report and Fiscal Year 2017 Happenings-April 28,2017-

SBI Information Meeting-May 29, /english/investors/disclosure/presentati...

I am also linking the PDF to June 29th 2016 Management and Investor Presentation, as you can see what to expect in the 2017 June 29 /english/investors/disclosure/presentati...

I believe the 19th General Meeting of Stockholders Briefing on Latest Management News will give us some information and update on SBI Virtual. This will be held on June 29th 2017.

Also on July 28, 2017< SBI HOldings will release its 2017 Q1 report.

Exciting times ahead.
Pick fib retracement from start so 30.4, xrp is not done with consolidation, macd already turning down, at 8k it will be on 0.236 and after it touches that it should bounce. Add volume to your chart and start fib retracement always when volume starts to pick up(find big green bars).Imo we will be waiting for few more days before going up. Good luck and stay profitable ;)
What makes you choose Jun 23 for pump?
adityadoodle9 cyberholz
@cyberholz, i wondering the same thing, in my perspective EBA day is the Most important Meeting/speech. and it's done yesterday.
monday they have 2 presentations one at the 20/20?and one at geneva. looks good!
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