ripple stubborn crash

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in response to a pump idea
評論: a bite more accurately yet, than i though
Is your reply only "who are you?" ? What is this arrogance?
So, who are you "finegerex". The answer is: "I am a troll" :) I am a king of "Short".
Because you say "troll" who commented you.
Because you only say "Short" since 10 days about XRP
Everybody check this troll's profile please.
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fineregex parabol
@parabol yay, another one:) you never remember your nikname?
parabol fineregex
@fineregex, If you have XRP then sell right now. But do not drag others after you, because those who hold XRP they will be rich, but you will be poor man ... :))
fineregex parabol
@parabol, they will get trillions of disney dollars LITERALLY. But Ripple founders will have a hard fate. The will need to build Uncle Scrooge McDuck's pool in time to make room for all the clunky fiat coming in for selling their ripple.

Im not keeping anyone away from holding a some ripple long term.
I'd appreciate though if i could save some people though from the greedy manipulator's liquidation squeeze.
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Cenaj4me fineregex
I think XRP trolled you. Doing the analysis in front of you. Do not mislead people without knowing. Everyone is trying to make money. You just make negative comments and you lose people's money.
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fineregex fmkilic
@fmkilic, who are you?
U were saying? Who is the troll now ?
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fineregex TheCryptoGod
@TheCryptoGod, so you took the time to login 4 times for this?
TheCryptoGod fineregex
@fineregex, U bet i did..because this wasnt the first post from you that i disliked, but now i really wanted to reply so i created account just for be honest, im a total n00b, and u were the reason i went out way too soon :) so i had to express my anger somehow :) im just trying to find someone who can guess 6 times out of 10, and i`ll never lose :)
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