Look at the graph, and let me hear your comments.
HOW??? good job
Before you freak them out - as i've noticed people tend to be emotional with this coin precisely, this is one scenario is possible rather than probable, the chances are to a certain extent similar.

These are the signs
0.00016000 & 0.00011000

they are the prices you want to keep an eye on, if the price goes over the 16 it's bearish, if price goes below 11 then double top is confirmed and it's bullish.
yhal yhal
@yhal, 0.00012000 is the bearish signal***
Since we are being speculative, I will suggest that the scale of amplitude will prove to be wrong. Lets use the price/volume movement from April 2017 (market cap 1.2 B) as a correlation to January 2018. If the following price/volume from May 18, 2017 (market cap 15 B) is applied there will be an increase of approx 12 times the January top (market cap 130 B) with 1st quarter 2018 high of (market cap 1.56 Trillion) and price of $40.32. After which the bubble will deflate. Please do not use this comment as investment advise as it is an exorcise in fantasy speculation and not based on future factual information. I am holding XRP.
Yep thats a double top.
Could there be a further dip in the short term, possibly, like ALL other currencies due to FUD.

What is the medium and long term outlook for Ripple and its xRapid solution XRP (VERY BRIGHT).

I am a long term holder, so just view the TA for a bit of fun as I don't really care about short term fluctuations. Over the next year Ripple will create massive waves once the banks start implementing xRapid let alone the 3 x largest money transfer companies (moneygram confirmed). The billions they require for their daily demands only will not only increase price, but will improve price stability price stability as they don't buy and sell, they hold for day-to-day transfers.
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lol do you want to bet :D
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Just lazy TA really. "It did this in 2017, so it will do this again in 2018"

Past performance is not indicative of future results. Also at some point the market is going to move away from following BTC pairs on XRP. The only way your TA plays out is if/when bitcoin goes on another tear to $20k+
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I see an even 50/50 chance it could go either way. But all the recent good news has me leaning towars a bullish move.
Moneygram partnering with Ripple now proves that the coin XRP will be used, dispelling the myth that banks are only using Ripple technology not the coin. That myth was really funny. Anyone shorting a crypto who is partnering with Moneygram is slightly confused I would think. They are also partnered with American Express, and 100 other banks. How is this a short play? lol
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