Ripple (XRP): Symmetrical triangle pattern formation (Bearish)

Ripple is continuously testing that green box support and it will have to break eventually.

Confirmation will be the line break. Keep watching.
評論: Looks like we've broken that white line. Looking like my speculation was bang on so far.
交易進行: Ripple is struggling to escape the support. Bearish!
should i sell now, although i will be losing (bought it high !) or hold?
The head and shoulders can be seen with a longer timeline.
This is head and shoulders! Prace will be dropped
Ripple broke that white line and headed down to the green support box. I think we are going down from here.

So is there some point it will climb again or is XRP done for
Not head and shoulder?
I was watching trades on cex yesterday and i now believe Ripple is completely rigged and pumped and dumped are done by some selective entities. At one time when price is doing okie, some one placed 18mil usd on sales. And after that people got panic as there was not enough available coins to fulfil 18 mil. and it crashed to 2.22, and huge buying started up to 2.40 in few milli second. So i dont think normal investor will risk 18mil to crash market at any point. Which can also leads that recent pump action is also may be done by same people to create hipe. I see ripple going much down from here.
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@Nepala, should I sell bro? I'm on the verge honestly. If not pump and dump, but to buy back lower
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