1642 7
Look like ripple have been broke their black support. I dont know it is really broke or just become victim because Digibyte and BTC in hype.
But i found very nice long term triangle created. So maybe, i think they will play up and down until narrowing triangle .

If my analysis true, i believe we must look closely to this coin start on 8 june . i hope they can break it during that time .
評論: they touch blue support!! i will buy this time !

評論: they touch blue support multiple times but cannot break it !!!
soporte azul roto!! que espectativa tienes ahora?? aun sigues en el comercio???
Nice chart I see you (;
hi, if you make the black trend touch the body of the most recent bearish candle (11800 instead of 12350) then the wedge becomes narrower now and looks more dangerous like rising wedge reversal and less like ascending triangle. You could also see the whole graph as a head & shoulders, i think

I see a lot of volume at the pump days during the last month
and was talkin to several people still hoping for their margin longs, where did they come from?
so at this point i dont know what is right to say.
I dont want to see many long squeezes but maybe its already planned out.
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fineregex fineregex
@fineregex, i mean propbably (Unfortunately it looks like it a lot to me) I dont know and dont want to claim what is the fair near term value of ripple in the next month (1000? 3000? 30000?) but think for yourself. it can try a bottom. below the fair value (for example at 500) . set your stops.
To what level should it grow, do you think?
@Deymos74, they must test red resistance once again and if they can break it, they will move to the purple resistance very easy. and IF they can broke that , it think we can see ATH, Call me crazy , but i think they can go near 1 dollar , if they can broke it. maybe 90 cent. But you now friend patience is the key. They will play with our emotion, up and down until narrowing that triangle . and thats just my thought :)
Deymos74 RonnySiswanto
@RonnySiswanto, thx friend!
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