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Huge flat top Kumo cloud on hourly Ichimoku (7, 77, 231, 21) and appears to be holding . 618 retracement following the Moneygram news.

Look for atleast 1:1 extension at some point in near future but huge Kumo cloud to pierce to new highs.

To be more risk averse, wait for the breakout over the cloud to take a long position, however, an Edge to Edge move is still in play.

*Unconventional customized points taken from Brian Kelly's "Boss method" based off fractals and prime numbers.

Have tested these on 30min+ - 4hr charts and appears to stay true 9x out of 10 for swing deals.

Ripple has a tremendous amount of resistance to recover but recent news should boost it back over the .00017500 level at some point.

I'd be shocked if we see .00017500 again
Mastodonic_ philrego
@philrego, Expect to be shocked by the end of Jan
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philrego Mastodonic_
@Mastodonic_, I should get it now I'll make a killing when it goes to 175!
I don't think those indicators are useful at all for XRP now. XRP's been on a downtrend since being hugely overhyped. The market cap is still huge and will continue to fall to a more reasonable price. The recent price increase is merely a reaction to the news, but the news is not very significant and the downtrend will continue.
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