XRPBTC Falling Wedge - 100% profit potential

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Let me preface this with saying that I disagree with Ripp... Ah what the hell, you guys only care about money in your pockets.

Spotted a falling wedge on XRP (I've been tracking it ever since I saw that juice TD9-13-9 perfected buy setup on the 4h chart) and I think it is ready to blow up on the next bounce of the support line.

A measured move would put us around Target 2, with an average run ending at Target 1. Be sure to lock in those profits!

And set a stop loss! (my battery is running out).
交易進行: We have a breakout!
評論: Please keep in mind that we might retest downtrending resistance as people that bought the local high before the last dip want to exit their positions - we do that about 75% of the time. This is a second buy opportunity for people that missed the breakout.
評論: XRP Cooled down a bit after breaking out and the RSI banging it's head into the ceiling. This is why you buy at a support (purple box on the first chart) and not on a break-out. We are now consolidating into a bullish pennant:
impossible, there are not good volumes of trade.
8000k-9000k per coin - possible scenario.
@PinCode, Hmm, you're probably right. Plus the daily is not looking good at all - sorry, I was too hasty yesterday.
Well, I'll keep monitoring this and we'll see what happens. Interesting movements anyway.
@PinCode, ha. told you.

I should never doubt myself xD
soulmubuttas05 bjhriemersma
@bjhriemersma, good call!!
bjhriemersma soulmubuttas05
@soulmubuttas05, Thanks :D
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