Ripple, 77.92% profit target

BITTREX:XRPBTC   瑞波幣 / 比特幣
4927 are good support level as buyer zone. If this level able to hold bearish movement, we have 2 target here at 6716 as resistance and 8727 as maximum target in 6 days.

Analyze by. Rendra Azir
Video analysis : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u8DkT8tocxY

Our head office suffered severe damage from the earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi Indonesia.
832 died and thousand injured in this disaster.
Hi Dian, any update on XRP? is there a bulish sign with this increasing volume?
@DianKemala just wonder where are we now with Ripple in term of crypto cycle please? When it would be best to invest and purchase real Ripple?
so is ripple and stellar just being pushed down by whales or what?
+2 回覆
when it will go up? i brought at 5022
unitednoobies firefox_pc
@firefox_pc, Be patient great things are coming for XRP investors.
firefox_pc unitednoobies
@unitednoobies, thanks :)
why it doesnt going up as chart show????
Kibarg911 HuynhLoc
@HuynhLoc, normal correction
all going good, we just got a good entry point
pinfkloyd Kibarg911
@Kibarg911, I wonder how margins are being squeezed, we see there huge sell off and quick re-entry. This was long-killing, wasn't it?
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