XRP/BTC - I'm think bears are winning at the moment!

I just realized i had not done an XRP/BTC video for over a week, so here it is.

I have to be honest... I want to see a bull run, but i'm thinking the bears are winning at the moment. The 12000 satoshi area seems to be doing a very good job at keeping price action down.

I think we see 10,000- 9,500 satoshis before we see a break of 12000.

I hope you enjoy the video... give me a like and leave a comment with your opinion!
Nice analysis, I joined yesterday hoping for a new rally but all failed attempts so far and got stop out unfortunately ..
New attempts are being made (again at my buy-in price so that sucks), however I have lots of doubt so follow your opinion.

I'll be watching this one from the sideline for now, don't hesitate to keep giving your take as things progress. Thanks for sharing!
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