XRPETH Ripple/ETH pairing trade

Watched this movement happen last night and couldn't decide if it was really making a move or where to get in... missed out on some potential but figured I would get in on the pullback and ride it up as far as I can for at least 10-15%.

I have been trading into alts with ETH quite a bit and have actually made out pretty well when taking profits into BTC . Since I'm frequently buying in with ETH, the charts are a little different and the price fluctuations of ETH cause some of the chart behavior to differ greatly from the same coin paired with BTC and hardly anyone publishes advice on Etherium trading pairs.

Everyone is jumping on the Ripple Train to the moon this week and I don't have any BTC for this, so I'm going in with the ETH. Not sure if I will take my profits in ETH or BTC yet.

I hope to take advantage of some pull back and buy in with several orders set between .00078860 ETH and .00075866 ETH in the red triangle. Thinking we are gonna bounce off the 1.618 and retrace back to the 1 before we take off again to break the resistance at the 1.618 fib line. Hoping to see this guy soar to about .000922 ETH for 16-24%


additional chart analysis I did on coinigy hitting roughly the same ranges. kind of confirms a trend line for me but I have seen enough of these week long pumps take considerable dives to know that I can always wait for the dip.

looks like a nice EW pattern forming. Wave 5 is about to begin!
交易結束:目標達成: my first really successful trade. 19.4% gains!
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