Updated XRPEUR Support, bullish breakout

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I updated the support line. I still think we will see a bullish breakout around 24th, There are too many good news about XRP, the only thing causing all this trouble is the crypto regulation in Korea in my opinion !

Be patient guys and happy trading.
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Hey, I am new to this whole charts reading stuff. Do you have the time to explain it for me? Why do you thing there will be a bullish breakout?
Driimo SettusBlake

Even if XRP is bearish since several weeks now, there is plenty of good news around Ripple and XRP being tested in real life (Moneygram, Cuallix saying XRP is really effective). I do believe XRP get shorted by fearing people, mostly Koreans since in average Korean represent +40% of daily XRP volume. Koreans will soon get confident again since their government won't ban cryptocurrency (but will regulate it by asking identities of investors for instance, no more anonymous korean traders...).

Also, the Q4 report of Ripple will be published very soon, and people expect Ripple to announce new partnerships both banks and household names

So in my opinion, if the support line is still strong, it will bounce once more then breakout the resistance, to reach at least 1,30€.

Cheers !
@Driimo, Ok, thank you for explaining.
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