upward channel formation for xrp

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Last idea on xrp was too optimistic, but I believe we do have an up channel forming (orange lines)
評論: Another way to look at it... Obviously, these are just ideas. I would not recommend any trading on any of this though. After last months I expect there to be consolidation a few more weeks, possibly months. I believe we have seen the bottom earlier this month, but it will be a while before we see a proper rally upwards.
評論: Same as with other coins bottom of the channel got tested, but remained intact
評論: I believe a triangle was forming at the bottom of the channel, and it broke upwards a few hours ago. I think xrp will recover towards 90 cents next, with further grow ahead
評論: No, not out of the woods yet
評論: Starting to look good
評論: Or not... Might have jumped the gun on things looking good (wouldn't be a first). If this triangle breaks down, xrp could revisit the 61 cents.
評論: Maybe now? This one seems to have a bit more volume. Still ways to go to speak of proper recovery, but an up break from the current triangle would be a good sign.
評論: Looking at xrp-btc, there seems to be a break from a down channel as well. Incidentally, it touched an uptrend line xrp formed end of last year. This could be the forming of a hight low against btc, and could be mean we will be looking at some upward valuation for a while
評論: Let's try that again... didn't copy to clipboard last time. And updates can't be edited...
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