XRP/USD - Are We Building for a Breakout?

My daily update on XRP/USD... overall I'm bullish , but i'm thinking we might see a little downside before she really makes a decision on where she wants to go.

I do believe the low area I mention is in play at the moment. Have to reassess each day, but I'm thinking it might just happen. I think the downward trend line and previous support/resistance zone is holding strong at the moment and keeping price down a little bit... well in a sideward move.

Let me know your thoughts and give a like! Stay tuned for the next update.

Going neutral on this in the short term.
交易進行: Taking a quick look at the charts this morning and it would appear that XRP might be looking to break to the downside from that triangle on the 4HR. Price still moving a bit sideways in my opinion

On the 45Min... price is testing the 200EMA and looking to want to break it. It's broken it on the 30&15min and if that continues that scenario will work its way up through the time frames in the short term.

The 4HR; 200EMA continues to hold as strong resistance and price action is testing it on the 3HR. I do hope for an upward move, but something is telling me we'll see a little bit of pull back. However, considering how price is consolidating in roughly a .10 cent range... when it breaks, i think it will be a good one. let's hope for an upward move. :)

交易進行: Current 4HR candle has spiked down hitting $1.00 on the button. Updating from my phone but my guess... $1.05 area will likely the the real support at the moment so price likely to pull back here. Maybe a little above. I’ll get a better look this evening when home.
Today’s update. You never know but i think we could see a dip below $1.00

boy you on point ! that thanks sid!
Crypto_Sid sickamore4life
@sickamore4life, looks like we hit $1.00 on the button. Let’s hope there is enough buy pressure here to shoot back and up to like $1.50 or something
Crypto_Sid sickamore4life
@sickamore4life, btw... thanks
Sid thank you for continuing to update your TA for XRP-USD, its much appreciated
Crypto_Sid rusticrock
@rusticrock, no problem... glad you like it
#Crysto_Sid, thanks for the videos man, they're great, but please do something about your audio, it's really painful to listen to.
Crypto_Sid Ezemalber
@Ezemalber, trust me... i have been playing with every setting i can find to fix that. When i record it sound good on play back, but after i upload it gets a little funky and i'm not quite sure why.
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