XRPUSD - Hang in there! Trend could be reversing!

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
See callout bubbles. Trend appears to be reversing. We will need to see what kind of D candle we can close with today. Price can break lower, in which case, we can consider possibly adding to our XRP collection if our overall, long-term bias is Long for XRP.

Always measure your risk and be okay with being wrong ; ) Wait patiently and get the price that you want. Use the market. Don't let the market use you.
Still waiting to buy again but is it going below $1?
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@yozzer, I am. I strongly believe that there is some solid demand for XRP at around $0.50. If the market wants to dip all the way back down there, depending upon price action and market conditions at the time, I will consider buying to add to my collection.
This will make shier swings until the end of month. It's natural and new investor are in panic.
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NomeSobrenome NomeSobrenome
chris.cellura NomeSobrenome
@NomeSobrenome, Couldn't say it better myself. Those selling their XRP right now are probably new to the trading/active investing world. I strongly believe that smart money are the ones holding up XRP when the price wants to dip ; )
I think XRP needs more time, we probably might see new highs before June
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@Samppa290, You may be right, and I certainly hope you are ; ) However, the crypto market has shocked the world before with its speed and price volatility, so I am leaving myself to whatever may come in terms how fast and far price may move. Thank you for commenting!
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