XRP: Correction update

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Of course the triangle pattern is not in play anymore.

This is my new waves count. Seems to be a double zig zag correction.
This correction has been much more long and complex than expected, but seems to be really close to the end. It might need of a last wave down but then we can expect 5 impulsive waves up.

MACD and RSI are both really oversold, so we can expect a reversal really soon.

I still firmly belive in a bullish scenario.
any updates? is it going to 1 dollar?
alex_veg PeterTrubetskoy
@PeterTrubetskoy, I think XRP needs 1 more wave down to complete his correction. Yes, 1 USD could be possible now. After that XRP will start a new cycle upward
I bought 100% of my balance in XRP at $1.80 and want to know what the safest thing to do is. Hodl or sell if price goes below 1.55ish? Any thoughts please. As I said I bought a little too high and have lost a decent % already. I want to get an ok price (at least one I can live with) and hedge diversify buy obtaining BTC , BTC , ETH , ETC , XRP and another as a much safer investment strategy. Thoughts welcome !
ribame4 krisso9876
@krisso9876, i did not sell this ripple when it was 3.27 because wanted earn more and now 2,5k is lost and sold . I guess it will be bounce it have to bounce but bitcoin is really sucks right now and ripple and many coins is sucks thats way , i would advice you to buy etheruem but for my opinion soon can be huge correction there too , i wait ripple get down until 1,35 -1,20 range if even will be down 1 dollar or more for me not a problem because i think to buy from that ranges too , for long term you wont lose your money for my opinion but short term dont know , dont decide up to me dont sell or buy up to my words i just thinking like that , but another bad story about France , countries will collected at G20 and France will say Bitcoin illegal thing ( like this negative things) this can effect this crypto money too .markets and crypto moneys can drop again
WizardOfRealms krisso9876
@krisso9876, HOLD IT... going to go as High as $5.26 - first target is $4.09 I sold my position at $1.80 when I saw MAGICPOOPCANNON 's chart... I bought back in @ $1.335 You wont lose money unless you sell. Don't sell!
It's going back up!
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....I want XRP to bounce up so I can not loose too much profit

I think since thus far I have been all in on Ripple and its not really outperforming any other coins, I will likely now disersify / hedge the top 3 cryptos with their counterpart. Bitcoin and bitcoin cash - Ethereum and Eth Classic, Ripple and Stellar or Iota or other etc. This will not have the same drastic gains when it goes up though it wont have the drastic downs either. Slower growth though 50% less risky...just an idea I know many have already adpoted this kind of hedge strategy. What are your thoughts ? And the added value that in the longer term that they all will increase. Kind of a win win !
ribame4 krisso9876
@krisso9876, by the way when i write that ripple can bounce up to 2 dollar range too , everything is possible for this money , actually he did agreement with moneygram , and this is , if all crypto money will be close this money can stay because ripple trying to cooporate with banks trying to be legal trying to be transperent i guess this is good thing because goverments like that , goverments want to ask want to check where did money coming from where is going to , and ripple system can allow somehow i believe , when crypto moneys will understand that then everythings gonna be more safe more good
WizardOfRealms krisso9876
@krisso9876, I am all in Ripple... sold @ $1.80 - bought back in @ $1.335 - Ripple will be so powerful for banks - even if those that use rapid-xrp aren't buying the ripple first top transact... don't think that "ripple" isn't being used to make that happen! Because it is @ 60% cost to the businesses vice 30%. Also think about this... RIPPLE NETWORK is going to be used to TRANSFER ALL OTHER ALT COINS around... Ripple is both legitimate and the only coin to be in! My thoughts anyways. Everyones thoughts are welcome to my post. Happy New Years All - and good fortunes be with you!
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