XRP Ripple Bulls still in control

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Hi Traders,

XRP Still following bullish scenario, making it slowly regain it's real price. Most of us can't even explain how we still see a price of 1.15/1.20 $ per share.
Since bulls are in control, we could easily see XRP reaching it's "D Resistance" line, which is around 1.412 $ per share or why not even "C Resistance" line which will show us 1,705$ per share.
Following all Technical Analysis , XRP Ripple still have room to grow and follow the UP-TREND, walking hand by hand with the Fundamental facts of all new major partners working with RIPPLE, regardless of using xCurrent or xRapid, the real aim of RIPPLE is to establish a net of strong partners which will help RIPPLE get more volume's and volatility , also helping partners to solve their payments solution problem.
Still a good time to invest and as many said even before, but I will allow myself to say it now, we will not see XRP RIPPLE under 1 $ again, anytime soon.

This is not a financial advice.
Happy Trading!
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