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All about Breaking Sups and Res
We had news Cryptos we're going higher so they did, they don't seem to want to go lower at the moment that's for sure

Always have to be watching this is mostly like chasing a snake
With no Head
Set up your Support and Resistance Lines if it breaks one of those chances are it COULD continue in that direction
Bitcoin has Quite Wide Margins so ya need to take a reasonably long term view
But i don't like looking to far ahead because shit happens
Bit coin is actually more predictable that is follows trend lines and respects Sup and Res lines more than Forex
Maybe that's because there are more computer Algo's playing this game
Who knows, Just saying : )

Again News like Forex is the Big Decider on where it will go with any sort of conviction, in the dull dram of news it's anyones guess really
Momentum is Beautiful if only we could speed this game up a few ticks, it would be much easier.

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