XRP is going to hit .40 cents soon is there some news ?

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XRP is going to hit .40 cents - Is there some news >
手動結束交易: This is no longer valid . The graph values were out of whack due to the Coinmarketcap and Korean FUD
評論: No panic selling when XRP hits 40 cents in the next few weeks - its all normal and part of the correction,. XRP will go back up to 8.00 and above in 2018
評論: Ok ,,,I just figured out why this value did not make sense on Jan 11th - it was future hint of what we will see during the correction that was starting . So im expecting we will touch 40 cents in the next week or two or three
手動結束交易: closing this crap out - The graphs show us the values they are going to hit - But they just dont show the dates which adds to a lot of confusion. The actual Value XRP will hit is 36 cents.
This is no longer valid . The graph values were out of whack due to the Coinmarketcap and Korean FUD
mycotoxin mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, its still on shchedule
How you calculated this? Almos everyone else is showing us resistance-, support levels, and trendlines but you just show few arrows which are going down and they you just give us some random amount? Or have you calculated this 0.40$ somehow?
HAHAHAHA I guess sometimes it's fun just to draw some lines
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mycotoxin sliberty33
@sliberty33, Hahha lets watch it play out
mycotoxin sliberty33
@sliberty33, we are still on track for 40 cents, wait another week or two
mycotoxin sliberty33
@sliberty33, hang in there - XRP will hit indeed hit 40 cents in the coming weeks - it will be close to 39 cents or lower
mycotoxin mycotoxin
@mycotoxin,i think it dips to 27 cents and then slides back up to 39 cents and stops at 40 cents
mycotoxin sliberty33
@sliberty33, as you can see XRP is gonna hit 40 cents,
**When ripple labs sells some of there "60 BILLION" coins**
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