XRP triagle breakout

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
360 9
$3.60 and $4.20 targets within 10 days.
I sold @ $1.80 and bought back in @ $1.335 - My targets are $4.90 to sell 75% stake and $5.26 to sell the remainder 25%. Happy New Years ALL... and may the Fortunes be with you!
you think it will go that high?!?!
what are your thoughts on 1.85-1.90? is it doable by tomorrow or tonight?
bombrom MatthewRybicki
yes, I think it will be a very quick action and will happen the same way as by the previous wave from $1 to $3.
@bombrom, if it does go that high youll be getting a tip from myself good sir.
@bombrom, so this is the end of the H&S? does it usually go up after head and shoulder?
bombrom MatthewRybicki
I think that after such a dropdown of about 50% of the hole cryptocurrency market it will go up this or next week. "Head and shoulders" is here a fake one.
bombrom bombrom
@bombrom, ...whole..., sorry for my english, my languages are russian and german.
@bombrom, okay, last question.. why is it a fake one? never heard that before? it right in front of our eye.. im just curious thanks again!
bombrom MatthewRybicki
I don't think so, there is always a subjective moment in your assessment process of the geometrical chart figures.
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