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I currently see positive stuff happening here first of all I invest I don’t day trade so what I put my money in I believe in with saying this I see xrp correcting back to around the next level of support in the next day or two at the most (1.60) if this holds I see us building some good gains from here if not worse case is we move to the 1.40 level. I’ve seen so many people panic over this price drop but if you evaluate xrp was trading at .22 Jan 4 we hit 3.52 that is over 1600% gain now we are looking at a correction back to worse case of 1.40 consisting of a 60% pull back from the ath people say the sky is falling I say it’s a blessing the gains will come but don’t forget to find the right times to accumulate as many coins as you can so you can maximize your gains invest with your mind and trust your decisions emotions are going to take you down the wrong path.
I disagree I think momentum is decreasing like it did in the Spring. Market cap is still very high 1/3 of BTC. Risk/reward is not good. I think we will see support at $2 for some time and then a drop down to $1. It was 0.25 less than a month ago so I think it can get much worse than $1.40. I'm shorting FYI but always like to see the other sides perspective.
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@philrego, it’s possible if it does fall below the 1.40 level next level would be about 1.00 this would be a bigger psychological support level than both it would also be about 71 percent correction so it’s completely possible I just feel that with two levels of support even though the first one is weaker than the 1.40 level that there is a good chance of upward movement before the 1.00 level the level we are at now will weeken this down trend quite a bit I do believe. The 2.00 area is fairly strong however it’s not going to hold this is also why I have not started looking at price targets once the reversal happens cuz the bottom still has not been decided but we will see how the next two levels play out thanks for your response I to like to see both sides so you consider all options
philrego bigstock2001
@bigstock2001, Good point I'll probably close around $1.50.
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