XRP going to hit 36 cents or 1.91

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
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Between now and the next 3 days or there about XRP can drop as low as .36 cents or go as high as 1.91. If BTC goes to 14k we can see XRP at 1.91.
If BTC goes to 8k or lower we can see XRP at .70 cents then drop further to .36 cents if BTC drops lower.

- Stay calm and relaxed (no panic selling ) as XRP should recover quickly as the future graphs Ive looked at show XRP heading to 7.80 and above in the coming weeks/months.
This is just a regularly scheduled Crypto market correction and the coins will return to their regular bullish behavior in a few weeks.
評論: No panic selling when XRP hits 40 cents in the next few weeks - its all normal and part of the correction,. XRP will go back up to 8.00 and above in 2018
Now that would be a super crash...
mycotoxin cyberholz
@cyberholz, not a crash its normal crypto market behavior , it happens 3 or 4 times a year , After experiencing it two or 3 times you looks forwards to them - As you can make profits either when the market it going up or when the market is going down.
cyberholz mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, If, within one month, a decline from $4 to below $0.4 cents isn't a crash I dunno what is... We'll see!
mycotoxin cyberholz
@cyberholz, in a regular stock market yes , but in the crypto world no . The crypto coins pump up very high sometimes 50x or 20x , For example LTC went from 3,00 in 2017 to 300 in Dec 2017 , thats 100x .

So the coins correct to prevent a market failure crash (top heavy) . A correction means they come down to touch closer to their trend line ( that is the line the graphs sit above) . They correction prepares them to move much higher and we can expect to see this behavior at least 2 or 3 more times in 2018 .

The first coin that leads the new pump is BTC it moves alone and the other coins wait idly . After a few weeks of pumping BTC stops and the ALT coins start pumping and move past their last ATHs . ( The First Alt coin to usually go up is XRP its also the last )

After all the coins go past their ATHs BTC starts to correct again and drops closer to its trend line ( meaning it drops very low) there is usually lots of FUD at this time but ignore it . The ALT coins soon start correcting and they also correct very low . When BTC hits its correction level it starts moving up again and the cycle repeats.
cyberholz mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, Much appreciated, your feedback. Yet we are in a different environment today compared to, say, a year ago.

Interesting, to say the least!
mycotoxin cyberholz
@cyberholz, Hi . please be patient and wait about 2 or 3 weeks and you will see XRP hit 36 cents . The graphs always tell you what you will hit. They just dont give the timeline.
So im expecting it to occur withing the next 3 weeks. Dont be alarmed when it occurs, its the nature of the crypto market
mycotoxin cyberholz
@cyberholz, in the next next two weeks XRP will hit 40 cents - its actually 38 cents .
cyberholz mycotoxin
@mycotoxin, Wow.
Based on what, random arrows?
mycotoxin Skybontal
@Skybontal, haha sorry bro thats not funny . Just relax and watch it play out . when i bought my XRPs at .0069 and they went to 40 cents i was upset when my mentor told me XRP will hit 6 cents down from 40 -
You bet it did . Welcome to the Crypto market
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