XRPUSD can history repeat itself?

BITTREX:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
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Seems that the pattern showing is quite similar from Dec up to this point.Could history repeat?
評論: XRP established somehow a strong support at $2.60ish however new resistance at 2.80. Still looking bullish for long. For short plan your trade as volume seems low. Could be another long consolidation period. People maybe waiting for any significant news.

評論: Double top formation. Possible reversal?
Support at 2.50 resistance between 2.65-2.70

評論: As predicted s while ago a double top formed at $2.60-$2.70 resistance level with 2.50 support. Now at this point of time price drops to $2.00 and can go dip to $1.80 support level. Let see how it goes for the next hours.

評論: So we've seen it there was a quick dump and pump happened before it went to the normal trading range. Breakdown confirmation at 2.35. I would wait and place may buy between 1.80 to 2.00 and see what what happen next.

Trade responsibly.

評論: Heading to next support at 1.80 - 2.00 and probably a good place to buy just my opinion.
Trade responsibly.

評論: Now its touches 2.00 if this failed to bounce breakdown to next support 1.60. Good time to buy perhaps if this is a healthy correction

評論: So many news circulating which affects not only XRP but other crypto currencies as well.
Its normal to have a red market or sometimes correction stage. Anything at the bottom are bound to go up whilst what's above are bound go down nothing is constant.
XRP holds at 2.00 support level a good indication that it will bounce anytime. From oversold condition now trying again to move up however head shoulder pattern can be formed
Need break 2.50 resistance level to confirm an uptrend

評論: Big pumped after the news regarding tie up with monegram though its big however we saw some short. The trend is respecting my pattern somehow. The head and shoulder should still be something to watch out though the news is something to look forward bring xrp on an uptrend direction.

評論: My simple trade plan :)

STOP LOSS 1.20 (29%)

Scenario 1
Buy at 1.70
Sell at 2.50 (47% gain)

Scenario 2
Buy at 1.70
Sell at 3.50 (105%)

Scenario 3
Buy on breakout at 2.50ish
Sell at highest
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