Ripple HODL - Long term long

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Im lucky to be in from 0.2 USD and I wont panic sell at any point. I think we have a correction and jump from the trendline . If I weren't in yet I would buy now and add even more if the trendline breaks around fibos at:

0.935 (here I would add myself also)

However I think we will see above 5.2 USD before these.

Good luck & love is all you need!
評論: Q1 Target above 12 USD. Lets see how it unfolds...

Bounce from FIBO level 0,5 @ 1,76:isch, lets see if thats the bottom. I will hold this for a long time so Im fine with even a larger correction.

Just keep faith and don't listen to crap news and opinions, they are paid to write "content" or they just want to feel important ;) Ripple is solid and has huge potential. Period!
評論: ^^ Wrong chart but whatever...
交易進行: Bought more at 0.935 as planned
I am holding (because Bitsane has had my coins pending withdraw for 6 days now) I would have jumped out (@2.5ish) and back in here. Based on the chart and todays price wouldnt it have broken that trendline?
This is the only post that provides hope. Let's hope you are right mate
Same here, but in at 0.25iah made a small fortune. But I will almost 99.99% hold this coin and never sell. The effort I put in on researching this tells me to hold for a very long term. Then again, if we have an extended 5, I will probably sell and run for a good time and come back.
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no hope already...
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