Ripple to $15 by early 2018

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Simple look to Ripple's weekly trends tells us it could hit $15 by early 2018 (Maximum March)
交易進行: Perfect following and breakout seems to be very soon
交易進行: XRP broke our from exaclty from the expected point with a very strong bullish movement.

Really have no clue regarding the target but based on history it should be between around $12
交易進行: I smell massacre hitting BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, DASH, ETC and all other alts because the entire market will be unloaded into XRP.

XRP is the standard, the government friendly and bankers friendly coin.

This is a personal feeling.

XRP is no more that pnd $0.2x coin

Once XRP hits the media all new money will flood into
Still on trajectory for 15?
$15 ripple is a 75X gain, that would put Ripple's market cap at over $600 billion, that's more then 5X bitcoin's current market cap.

Even catching up to Bitcoin's current market cap in such a short time span would be a miracle, exceeding it by 5X is a pipe dream.

My biggest position currently is in Ripple, so I'm a big believer in it's upside.

However, I think a more realistic (but still highly optimistic target) is $1 or $2 Ripple by March 2018. $15 is a pipe dream.
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wonderbro jewbacca
@jewbacca, It's a joke
add 10 years to your prediction... that number is impossible in the time given.. thumbs down on this one!
abd17mou cameljockey
@cameljockey, how many years you said ?
I guess we should be calculating in terms of value rather than the percentage.
Considering the initial shoot up went from 0.006 to 0.30 while adding lets say 100 financial institutes, we can easily say that it could shoot up again to 0.40 - 0.60 by adding another 100 financial institutes. It wouldn't shoot up 4500% of the current value. Though the values could differ by another additional .20 to .40 based on the transaction volumes by these financial institutes. So the potential is around 0.60$ to 1$ approx.

However I wish you are correct & I'm wrong... after all who does not want it to be 15$ ;)

Time to change the name again :D
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1$ would be a very optimistic target ! but 15$ :D i dont know ...
would be very nice tough !
@GrantPeace I am not a professional trader, all what I did is simple analysis of long term trend.

I might be completely wrong but my firm belief is that if a coin did something it is able to do it again.

Let's wait and see who knows
JoshuaT abd17mou
@abd17mou, You are completely wrong, if only because the coin never did it so it's can't do it again.
That's a big stretch, really big!
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