Quick shot! XRP break it clean!

BITFINEX:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Hello fellow traders,

Here to a very simplistic yet very efficient XRP analysis on the short term.

I'm calling a shot on XRP right now. My sniper has been loaded for a while but I now have a very clean confirmation of a kill shot.

First off we have a clean break of a consolidation box. Then we broke the Bollinger band and I draw your attention on them as you can clearly see them starting to open up. Also we are trading over SMA20 and XRP volumes have been going up since this morning.

Putting Stop losses right above the consolidation box for a safe trade. Profit target are less clear as I believe we will face a lot of upward resistance due to this hard correction the market has been facing for a month or so + SMA50 hasn't been reached so I will adapt on any upcoming moves.

Overall I'm pretty confident in this shot but PATIENCE and TIME are still both my best friends to confirm the kill. In my early days of trading I lost quite the profit by being too hasty and getting out of a postion way too soon due to the fear of losing. Don't be scared and stay in control.

Your beloved,
評論: Trade is playing out as expected. We broke 0.92 and volume are still expending. Looks like we will come out of this winners :)

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Hi, XRP crossed the EMA50 4H with 2 green candles 4H. Do you think XRP has fuel to go towards $ 1.02 before the close of the day?
Has it bounced three times in 0.92? Tks
+1 回覆
ZipZapZoop gusccbb
@gusccbb, Looks like it is devlopping pretty well. Stay patient my friend. 1.02 is coming
gusccbb ZipZapZoop
@ZipZapZoop,Yes, tks
gusccbb ZipZapZoop
@ZipZapZoop, Targets 1.02 and 1.19 according to Fib last maximum are logical?
ZipZapZoop gusccbb
@gusccbb, Very logical. But I'd rather adapt on whats going on than set a target that might never be reached
gusccbb ZipZapZoop
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