XRP Long at $.36 for Dec 11th (IMHO)

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Time to Ripple Up.
The billions of dollars required to pump XRP up to 36 cents seems unrealistic now. It's had several rounds of great news and the price hasn't been positively affected in any meaningful way. The charts looked good yesterday, but not so much today.
donkeypanic VanBenno
@VanBenno, I think that good news in crypto circles takes a while to disseminate. People who follow the crypto closely are aware of things the day they happen, but it takes some time to catch up in the water cooler talks that create excitement among new investors. I believe there is a cumulative interest building in ripple, which will not come from a few good news stories, but rather from a lot of good news stories spun into one easy narrative. People at large are still struggling to understand the concept of a blockchain, and are only dimly aware that there are other currencies beyond bitcoin. Harrington's Hedgefund isn't even on their radar. I am hopeful that the disruption in the market will settle and that $.36 is still attainable this year, if not by the 11th as stated in the chart.
Thanks for the comment!
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donkeypanic donkeypanic
@donkeypanic, *Arrington, soz, autocorrect.
I agree with this, despite the minor divergence we are experiencing right now in both XRP and BTC
donkeypanic oink6oink47
@oink6oink47, yeah the last 12-18 hours have thrown all my charts out of wack. i think we will see some stability returning over the next day. (i hope anyway!). thanks for the comment :)
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