XRP Accumulate and SELL Parameters (educational use only.)

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I am HOLDING because in the near future, XRP will be going to the numbers I have gotten as a result of my programs. These are due to: 100% Retracements from $0.89616 to $1.20 . My actual 100% increase target shows: $1.50384 and I am confident it will go higher than that. I am expecting a BIG MOVE starting TODAY... (around 7pm eastern) and a further climb on (Feb. 25th through Mar. 2cnd.) Here is why: "The 12 HOUR CHART ZOOMED IN"= https://db.tt/5RYTATX5iU . You will notice that there is a green line under tiny red cloud about to go up. It will cross over and stay on top of the RED CLOUD. Which starts to climb noticeably as of Feb. 27th through March 2cnd. and slightly descends on Mar 3rd and becomes stable around $1.93 . Here is a screen shot of what it looks like on the 12 hour chart now "not zoomed in." = https://db.tt/CWjS1f1MnY . And, this is the 6 our chart zoomed out = https://db.tt/rW51xD92hP . We are riding the GREEN CLOUD after a LONG DOWNTREND below the RED CLOUD. Personally, I don't see it dropping much more. Possibly to: .95021 - TRADE STILL ACTIVE.

The 3 Day Chart currently shows XRP still above the 200 Day EMA: https://db.tt/3gQ6PPIaBT

My Current "Buy-ins" on dips and "Sell Targets" are still active: https://db.tt/SQNAFROd92 Targets 2(a), 2(b) and (2c) have triggered Buy-in(s).

May good fortunes be with you all.
The Wiz
評論: Targets 2(a), 2(b) , 2(c) and 2(d) executed. https://db.tt/SQNAFROd92
評論: XRP has a "strong use case." The "HEART BEAT" started last March, April and May 2017. I found out about XRP in early August 2017. We all want it to go up and "IT WILL IN TIME." No matter how many coins you have... if you sell now, you will have fewer when you buy back in. The best case scenario is to HODL. Because, XRP WILL GO HIGHER than the previous ALL TIME HIGH!

The NETWORK is worth way more than $1.00 per coin. IT REALLY IS! Yes, we will probably see .86729 today and we might see .75429 today. If so... rather than sell for a LOSS consider buying more at a DISCOUNT and by doing so you wilkl average down.

If you don't have anymore money to buy in at a lower price...
The whales will love taking advantage of you! Because, if you sell lower than you bought in you lose! And, you NEVER ACTUALLY LOSE until you sell lower than you bought. XRP is going to make you rich! I believe you will be able to retire off of XRP!

When ROBINHOOD finally allows cryptocurrency trading... I have already transferred money there to buy! I have been using the ROBINHOOD MOBILE APP and trust it because 1.) There are no commissions! (period!) I have been buying AMD and such way back. 2.) When you have $3000.00 (or) more in ROBINHOOD as I have, you can opt for ROBINHOOD GOLD which will allow you to trade and settle the same day! 3.) It is tied to my bank account and I can transfer money back to the account without incurring any wire fees! NO HASSLES! Consider it. I have been ROBINHOOD since early 2016!
評論: Targets 2(a), 2(b), 2(c), 2(d), 2(e) have hit!
Hi, tks for sharing. I have had a position in XRP with the idea of keeping it and regrettable only I generate lost. I left that position and I have doubts about going back inside. Since the beginning of January, XRP has not stopped and I see that Ripple has had good announcements from important associations, but the market has not replicated that in the price. XRP is not an action but would have capitalized without doubt that news. But what is doubtful is whether the price of XRP reflects its actual current usage value. Your opinion is valuable and I will take it into consideration.
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