$XRP This small DCB is just a bull trap - do not buy it.

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
834 16
#XRP to 30c if it doesnt hold 87c here we're not buying this DCB - exactly how short term day traders go broke. #bitcoin #trading #cryptocurrency
Specify long term. What do you mean? According to you, everybody should sell everything and wait for at least 1-2 years? :)

It is incredible how inadequate you are. Failings badly, but in every new post you claim how right you were. Predicting prices to drop in January is an easy task, so please cut it. You and your imaginary friend...
It looks like we are breaking out. 8 minutes till confirmation.

london55555 Jelmerrr
@Jelmerrr, Thank you for the reply but why would anyone buy a supposed "breakout" at $1.35 when you know that there's a wall at $1.60? This is exactly another way daytraders go broke but we wish you good luck.
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Jelmerrr london55555
@london55555, Thanks for your quick reply. I agree with you that we'll find resistance at 1.60. A close above this strong resistance is absolutely a bullish sign for me. Besides that, we see a bullish flag in a bullish flag + a strong support level and the MACD is giving us a bullish sign. Let's see what happens mate ;)
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london55555 Jelmerrr
@Jelmerrr, We'll have to agree to disagree but good luck! It will be interesting - as for us we're looking for 87c and that might not even hold but then again we're not day traders.
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Jelmerrr london55555
@london55555, Alrighty mate. I wish you the best too :)
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I've been saying this all day today. As well as what you've said, a drop to 87. If held, I could see it running up high from a double bottom. And if you look at Jan 17, it followed a similar pattern in a very similar area of value before starting its descent to 0.80.
london55555 ChrisPack
@ChrisPack, Thank you for the reply. You can't believe the hate mail we
got on this call from last week. If 87c doesn't hold this name will go to 30c and a GREAT entry point - we dont think it's going away. Best of luck to you and thank you
ChrisPack london55555
@london55555, everyone just wants to believe its "to the moon" every time there's a bull run. Then it drops by 15%. Obviously we all want to it succeed, but people gotta see the big picture. Glad a few can see what actually happening. Any idea how long this fall will take?
london55555 ChrisPack
@ChrisPack, Hi and thanks again yes it should bottom out for now re XRP 87c etc soon about the 25th/26th but we won't buy this until 30c but then again we're not day traders but long term holders and we'd rather on LTC on a crash to be honest. Good luck.
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