XRP/USD - It's Definitely a LOVE HATE relationship!

BITSTAMP:XRPUSD   Ripple幣 / 美元
Video covering what I'm seeing in the charts for XRP, which is downside price action. Trust me... I wish that was not the case, but that's what it seems to be.

In general, I truly believe price action wants to hit that 200EMA on the daily chart . Not sure why, but it does and it happens to be sitting around $.75 roughly. Don't be surprised to wake up tomorrow and price sitting right there.

If we do make it to this level, I expect to see a spikes down to the $.60 area with buying pressure quickly pushing the candle bodies back up. Similar to what the daily candle looks like between 2/5 - 2/7. Only time will tell.

I hope you enjoyed... give me a like and leave a comment.

Also, I'm thinking about creating a youtube channel that runs through how i setup my charts and would allow me to talk a bit longer than 10mins. Let me know if you would be interesting in watching.
thanks for another video Sid!
Crypto_Sid rusticrock
@rusticrock, glad you are liking them... i'll be posting updates tomorrow morning. I'm going to go out on a limb here with this one.... I thinking we just might see $3 + by mid-late March on XRP. :)
My charts indicate a downward trend towards $0,752
Crypto_Sid JayneBANGERT
@JayneBANGERT, be nice to pick some more up at that level!
XRP keeps going through these highs and lows. It is going sideways again and above the 200 as I write, but it cannot gain upwards momentum...

Funny you should mention love-hate...many crypto people with money to burn love hedging againt XRP making any bullish moves...

And probably the biggest factor is the March factor...there is big money planning on getting into crypto in mid to late March. Informally...I have spoken to a source I can't name, but there are 2 cryptos right now they want at a very low point and are trying to wash out all the weaks hands: XRP and LSK. I think at that point both are going to spike then.

Until then, XRP is almost like Tether in that is stays with a tight range. As BTC moves 5 percent it drops you dollar cost signifg. but not so for XRP at this point. It is hard to swing trade at this point as in the past.
Crypto_Sid svhill11
@svhill11, Funny you mention Lisk.. I don't own any, but i actually started to chart that one up earlier this afternoon. I have XRP buys starting up $1 all the way up to $2 and change, which is my highest entry. :( I'm dollar cost averaging my position and picking up a little here and there on these nice dips.
I’d love to watch some videos!!!!
Crypto_Sid Monica26
@Monica26, :) i hope you enjoy!
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