XRP Another Round to $4 or just Trap

XRP show bounced from Fib 0.5
Still stable above support area
looks very bullish at daily frame very bad at weekly
another round for XRP to $4
Notice why this round maybe Trap
The weekly candle still have more time to do a movement and looks right now bearish
will take this trade with this risk

Buy at $2
Stop loss $ 1.68
22% / 100%
almost coins have the same pattern also they follow btc right now "btc panic alts Red" btc calm Alts rocket

Set your own risk invest 5 % only

If Xrp pass $2.80 and stay on it this will be good sign to compleat his movement to $4

We ask Allah reconcile and repay

Previous analysis

交易結束:達到停損點: Stop loss $ 1.68
22% / 100%
get - 22%
We ask Allah reconcile and repay
Hamada please give an update :( Isn't there any support or something :(( Tonight my funds are halved!!! Whales too hungry
Thank you very much, bro. :)
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professional as always.thanks gentleman.
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May peace be with you,
Thank you for the inputs brother.

I have been trading XRP/USD with some great trades in all of this volatility, I trade small time frames (micro trading) and my long term vision is near zero! (see my trades on XRP to get an idea of what i mean).

However you seem to do really well with seeing far ahead. Very helpful for us short term traders.
Really appreciating your ideas.

Happy trading!
May God bless you.
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