Is this Really Possible?!

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Crazy, Right?! But it's Achievable Now, Look at Where We Are Right Now!
評論: This time Target is at least 2$
交易進行: by the time of this writing, XRP took the second place from ethereum
評論: Now i'm more confident about reaching to at least 2$
Selling is risky for now, you may end up with less ripple
評論: Bitfinex has Added Support for XRP
交易進行: Movement ahead
交易進行: Target is at Least 2$

評論: India's First XRP Exchange
評論: Pretty Oversold Already Right on Daily UpTrend
Hold on to you XRPs
交易進行: Price Took a Hit Due to the People Changing Their XRPs for BTC Bubble
But it Seems that the Dust has Settled for Now

交易進行: Descending Wedge XRP/BTC
交易進行: Right on Long Term Support

評論: Remember, You won't Lose as Long as you Hold or as they say HODL :)
交易進行: Bounced Up Right on the Long Term Support
Target Still is At Least 2$ for now

交易進行: Japanese banks have partnered w/ #Ripple to launch a consortium focused cross border & domestic payments.

手動結束交易: I've Closed My Long Term Position Due to: More than 95% of Correlation Between BTC and XRP
how much u holding
India exchange started to trade xrp today I believe
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@rhb_3000, true
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Chart looks great, acceleration phase still to come!
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That would put bitcoin on 2nd position with a big gap. I don't think this will happen, but lets see
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@btcfreak, that would shake the crypto world indeed. lets wait and see and if possible be a part of, right?
btcfreak HosseinMansouri

Of course I am holding some longterm bought @28 :D
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@btcfreak, good job ;)
Sounds crazy indeed. What gives you the confidence?
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@cyberholz, charts, adoption, demand, market cap, ...
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