404 11
Looks very promising!
評論: All time high is broken!
great graph! it looks like it is about to go up, what do you think will be the high for the next wave?
ash1309 DanielIbarra
@DanielIbarra, Thank you sir! Definitely going up, I think 1.618% is a great area around 0.40!
@ash1309, thats what i was thinking, cashing out at 0.3X... i am looking forward to your next ideas.
cyberholz ash1309
@ash1309, XRP struggling in there in narrow range for some time now...
ash1309 cyberholz
@cyberholz, I am not scalping guys sorry, I am just providing you analysis and I don't focus much on short time.. I recommend to enter with proper position and a stop loss. In generally I don't see it going lower than 0.18
tomstoj cyberholz
@cyberholz, there's gap on 4h chart! It's trying to break but I think it will fall for correction soon.
cyberholz tomstoj
@tomstoj, Where you see it heading to?
tomstoj cyberholz
@cyberholz, I'm thinking it might go down to at least 0.38 of the whole move which is around 0.17. But I also believe it's very bullish in general and it will grow in the future. Fundamentally, XRP is the strongest coin by far (apart of EHT platform maybe) as these guys go B2B and strike deals with banks directly.
ash1309 tomstoj
@tomstoj, There are graps on USD/JPY that are there for years, it doesn't really mean anything because it can close the gap without going below
tomstoj ash1309
@ash1309, sure thing! Yesterday daily candle looks a bit doji, today we got gap up, it's just strong resistance we have and also it's very bullish chart (too bullish?). We'll see.
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