Lorraine Lawlor-SVP, Global Sanctions Governance Director-WELLS FARGO
Axel Lehmann-Group Chief Operating Officer-UBS
Michael Lim-Head of Trade & Supply Chain, Transaction Banking-ANZ BANK
Fangyu Liu-Section Head/Supervisor-ICBC
Emma Loftus-Managing Director-J.P.MORGAN
Matt Loos-Managing Director/ Director / EVP-J.P.MORGAN
Leigh Mahoney-Head of Payments Management, Group Payments Management-ANZ
Patrick Mana-Project Manager Centralised Services 6-6 & 6-7 (Cyber-security)-EUROCONTROL
Alex Manson-Group Head, Transaction Banking-STANDARD CHARTERED
Alan Marquard-Chief Strategy and Development Officer-CLS
Suzette Massie-Advisory Services Business Transformation-EY
Atsushi Masuda-Departmental Manager-NTT DATA SINGAPORE PTE LTD
Nick Maxwell-Head of the Future of Financial Intelligence Sharing (FFIS) Programme-RUSI
Andrew McCormack-Senior Director, Technology-PAYMENTS CANADA
David McKay-President and Chief Executive Officer-RBC
Mark McNulty-Managing Director, Global Clearing and FI Payments Head-CITI
Patricia McSweeney-Industry Relations-CIBC
Mario Mendia-Managing Director/ Director / EVP-TAS GROUP
Vinay Mendonca-Global Trade & Receivables Finance-HSBC BANK
Irene Mermigidis-Managing Director-CLEARSTREAM BANKING
Kristen Michaud-Managing Director, Treasury Operations-GENERAL ELECTRIC
Howard Middleton-Executive Director, Information Technology-CLS SERVICES LIMITED
Massimo Morini-Head Of Interest Rate and Credit Models & Coordinator Of Model Research-BANCA IMI
Lieve Mostrey-Chief Executive Officer-EUROCLEAR
Philip Moyer-Director of Financial Services-AMAZON WEB SERVICES
Marc Niederkorn-Managing Director/ Director / EVP-MCKINSEY & COMPANY
Diane Nolan-FS Capital Markets-ACCENTURE
Virginie O'Shea-Research Director-AITE GROUP
Shaun Olsen-Senior Derivatives Advisor-ONTARIO SECURITIES COMMISSION
Javier Orejas-Senior manager, Banking management, AEMEA-IATA
Lester Owens-Managing Director-J.P.MORGAN
Tanja Peic-Departmental Manager-ERSTE GROUP BANK AG
Hua Peng-Deputy General Manager,Operation&Management Department-INDUSTRIAL AND COMMERCIAL BANK OF CHINA
John David Penner-Senior Director, Cash Management & Payment Solutions, Global Transaction Banking-CIBC
Alicia Pertusa-Head of Digital Transformation, Corporate & Investment Banking BBVA-BBVA
Jerry Perullo-Chief Information Security Officer-ICE
Elizabeth Petrie-Director Cyber Threat Risk Management-CITI
Sandra Peute-Analyst/Consultant-ABN AMRO BANK N.V
Jan Pilbauer-Executive Director, Modernization and CIO-PAYMENTS CANADA
Kevin Pleiter-Vice President and Partner, Global CoC Leader Financial Markets, Global Business Services-IBM
Alain Pochet-Head of Banking Services-BNP PARIBAS SECURITIES SERVICES
Moti Porath-Head of Business Development and Product Integration Transaction Banking-D+H
Yves Poullet-Head of Corporate Technology-EUROCLEAR
Darryl Proctor-Product Director - Transaction Banking-TEMENOS
Sergey Putyatinskiy-IT Director and Member of the Executive Board-NSD
Michael Quinn-Product Management Executive for Financial Institutions & Head of Product Delivery - Global Trade & Loan Products-J.P.MORGAN
Suresh Ramamurthi-Board Member / CEO / CFO-CBW BANK
Cliff Richards-Executive General Manager, Equity Post Trade Services-ASX (AUSTRALIAN STOCK EXCHANGE)
Damian Richardson-Head of Payments Strategy and Innovation-NATWEST
Claus Richter-Head of CM Customer Solutions-NORDEA
Falk Rieker-Global Vice President, Global IBU Head for Banking-SAP
Paula Roels-Head of Market Infrastructure & Industry Initiatives, Institutional Cash Management-DEUTSCHE BANK
Kirsty Roth-Global Head of Operations-HSBC
Gina Russo-Assistant Vice President- Wholesale Product Office-FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF NEW YORK
Bipin Sahni-Executive Vice President, Head of R&D-WELLS FARGO INNOVATION GROUP
Louella San Juan-Global Head of Client Technologies-MORGAN STANLEY
Sep 19
評論: This is happening. I could not fit everyone in because I did not have enough room on the chart, or in the description.
The most wealthy and powerful people in the world from more than 158 countries will attend this conference. Ripple will be presenting on the 29th at 9 am. Institutions are experiencing extreme FOMO right now as the crypto-world races faster than they can keep up. I would not be surprised if a collaborated effort is made by many of these likely beneficiaries. Adoption by only one of these institutions would cause the price of XRP to soar 10 fold and spur a flow-on effect of institutions joining the payment ledger.
Oct 15
評論: Top of resistance line retested to become support. Ready for blast off.
Dec 07
評論: 55bn XRP locked in escrow!
Dec 07
Dec 13
評論: Today, XRP experienced it's highest 24hr volatility for the year of over 75%.
Dec 28
評論: $$$
Dec 30
評論: A new era.

Kenzing trading indicators for TradingView perform advanced real-time analysis of stock price trends and display alerts that are easy for the average Trader to interpret.

@GrantPeace "a new era" ? Up or down?
snatly traderek
@traderek, i would imagine that this suggests the long term viability of ripple. but the time to enter was some time back imo. I'm personally waiting for the dust to settle to re-assess any position in ripple.
+1 回覆
@snatly, 100% +++
+1 回覆
nice chart and thanks for the succinct update of the news. This is big.
Where do you think this will go? any target in mind? I've been waiting for your post.
@HockTan, I plan to sell 100% of my holdings at 2$.
GrantPeace GrantPeace
this is great, thanks!
Grant, what does the 55bn in escrow mean to XRP future price? Drive a higher demand as 55bn of XRP market cap unavailable to general market?? price= moon?
I was waiting for an update for you GrantPeace :D
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