Ripple how to trade?

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Based on 4h chart, we can see the pricing is exiting from hard downtrend line after it made a crazy upward movement. By the new movement, the opportunity to buy XRP cheappeast is between 1.15-1.3 USD (buy zone). In the neutral term, the pricing can't pass the resistance zone at 2.8-3.0 USD (sell zone). To reach this zone, it has to face a short correction at 2.00 USD.

So, how to trade?

1. For investors, long term traders, ....
Buy when the price reach buy zone (1.15-1.3) and hold it until it finish the next crazy upward movement. The profit target at 11.00-12.00 USD

2. For short term traders

There are many opportunity trade but some special trade you shouldn't miss.

Buy: (1.15-1.20) ---- Sell: (2.00-2.10)
Buy: (1.65-1.75) ---- Sell: (2.80-2.90)
Buy: (1.90-2.00) ---- Sell: (2.60-2.70)
Buy: (2.50-2.60) ---- Sell: hold and wait for new signal

This is XRP/USDT version 2, this model is more stability than previous version because the slope of the main uptrend line is lower.

What s the difference?

1. The long term profit target increase to 15.00 USD
2. The pricing move up slowly
3. Not much shorterm and neutral term trade
4. The lowest pricing might down to near 0.98-0.1.05 USD
5. The shorterm trading has changed (but not much)

Buy: (0.98-1.20) - Sell: (2.1-2.3)
Buy: (1.15-1.25) - Sell: (2.6-2.8)
Buy: (1.48-1.51) - Sell: Hold and wait for new signal


Q: Why you have more than 1 model?
A: Everything can happen, what was happened in the pass is not sure to repeat in now or future. What we can do is guess the future based on the signal on the chart. At some special time, the signal has changed, we need the update to statable with the market.

Q: If I do following your idea, may I get the risk? What I have to do?
A: Yes, you have to manage the risk. You can consult my idea and build your private idea or you can do follow my idea. By any ways you should remember that no one always win, no exception, not you or me.
The analysis sound like good, but I don't understand why many people want to price highest and they sell his XRP rather stay in your position. People are acting in fear instead of using their brains to think.
I would like to believe you
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