#XVG #VERGE Breakout Imminent +124% target 0.00003181 BTC in 10d

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Verge massive bullish pennant is ready to bounce upward and breakout. This should lead to a +124% target (1770 pips) at 0.00003181 BTC within 10 days.

Maybe I should HODL some XVG.
評論: The bottom may be ready to drop out of this one. XVG might start bleeding. Set your stop losses!

評論: I thought we were going to break down.. but it looks like a hard bounce. 1 hour candles show we're on the upswing for the last 2 hours. If we can hold up and move into more positive territory, this may bounce to the top of the triangle and break out for some nice gains.

Still too early to tell, be cautious.

評論: This isn't looking good. Will we fight the drawdown?

評論: Updated triangle. Still looks too early to tell. We're stuck in the triangle, or are we creating a large bullish flag? Either way, if we break down, we're crashing a bit. if we break up, we'll rally big time.

High risk, high reward.

Hi Tin, just fill day more to meet target? Yes or No? Tks!
So now you don’t even need a triangle to predict it will go up?You must have a cristal ball..
Re: XVG The 4 hr chart shows the triangle and it is leaking lower badly on small volume. It might/should come back up. Nevertheless, it's too early for any kind of significant move. Should be a couple more days ... or it is going down hard... but no fundamentls for that to happen. Could be a buying opportunity. We'll see. JMHO
Is trade active?
Verge is too cultish and too much of a shitcoin for accurate TA. Not saying it doesn't have a future long-term but there is so much tron-like FUD surrounding the coin I would be weary to place too much of a stake in it.
Holding some. Any SL suggested? Thanks
Pull Up Pull Up!
it's falling and will fall hard.Triangle itself is neither bullish nor bearish,you can’t judge whether a coin will rise by it’s form a triangle alone.your target is too random.
Tin.Foil VikingPirate
@VikingPirate, learn some trade analysis then come back.
+1 回覆
@Tin.Foil, Did it rise toafter forming your so call triangle?
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