XVG reload plan based on EW+divergence

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
1413 7 18
XVGBTC             formed bearish divergance on 4h and with high probability finished Major W1 run aiming lower for A-B-C correction (W2)
I´m selling 50% here at this range of 1300 and in case it will go higher up to 1500 small portions all the way up and reloading 1K down to (expecting 600/700)

(Not a financial advice)

評論: Bearish divergence extended on Daily
交易結束:目標達成: Target 1000 satoshi reached
I loaded back what I sold and for the profit I will keep buying all the way down.
交易結束:目標達成: After hitting CUMULATION area and buying back. I was lucky to "SELL THE NEWS" spike and I sold 60% of bag again at the run from 1050 up to 1450. Now looking to RELOAD in the area under 800sat the previous hold positions and profit is going into BTG, ARN,ETC right now :)
評論: By the way if you missed it. Then the SELL THE NEWS are PornHub accepts payments for services in Verge
交易進行: 1st. Reload AREA reached BUY 800 890 885 880 875 Trigerred
交易進行: More limit buys triggered during night. Adding manually more now and all the way down with bull divergence & RSI squeeze XVG could soon be ready to go for W3
i completely agree that its the first huge wave. missed it but i expect to take profit in wave 3. i think the retracement level may not be in fibo 0.618. For the first EW fibo 0.38 may be more proper. good work...
there's no way its going this low. that april 16th news is going to FOMO this thing to the moon
If this went below 1040ish the trendline is broken and the run is over, or no?
anoinvest orbsatchel
@orbsatchel, I don´t think so but I might be wrong. Show me your technical and I can tell you my opinion :)
anoinvest orbsatchel
@orbsatchel, Seems you have been right :)
orbsatchel anoinvest
.@anoinvest, I don't trade news, but, this seems like a classic sell the news event. I sold when the line broke and did not confirm, and of course it rallied 20% then failed. On to the next one! And thank you, for the most valuable thing on TV is finding a different or opposing opinion and double checking my rule books ( John J Murphy book and Nison candlestick book) and trying to confirm or violate my view.
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