XVG needs to crack the trendline for further up.

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
4020 6
XVG also made a perfect ABC correction of the previous upmove and showed a strong bounce.
Right now trying to crack the tredline, we might see some consolidation first.
Once the trendline is broken, its best to buy. Wait for the breakout!

Next targetarea on chart, based on fibo extensions
評論: Broke the trendline, made a sideways move and looks ready to move on to the blue box
Can you provide a new update? This coin is loookinh good again.
i bought at 167
What's the perfect entry point to buy????
this "correction" wasn't a pattern. This correction was because of the chinese bitcoin news. You can't call everything a pattern.
@disarmm, where did i say "pattern"?
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@disarmm, Even when driven by news charts still follow patterns. Why else would it bounce of a fib support? Same goes for the BTC correction btw.
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