XVG Power House, About to drop fast!

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Watch for an unlikely upper break-out, I'll post if it happens, but other wise wait until it bottoms out
評論: Right now I have my money in XRP waiting for XVG to drop. XRP is currently moving slowly up, nice and steady
評論: LTC might be a better bet currently, it is challenging a gold line I have mentioned in a previous posting
評論: Either way nothing is moving too violently right now
交易進行: It's heading down
評論: dropping out of xrp, it is doing some strange moves, ltc looks more promising
評論: The drop could be hundreds lower fyi, chill out and get a drink haha
評論: jumping into strat for now
交易進行: There is a BUY wall at 1600, 1550, and most importantly 1500
評論: It is about to go up into another bump then possibility fall again
評論: strat still rising fyi
交易進行: XVG now heading up, but I'm confident there is another drop to go, I'll post if it breaks trend
評論: yep, confirmed, it bounced off of the trend, still heading down
交易進行: There is a huge buy wall at 1600, grab some xvg before 1600
交易進行: Bought in hopefully it bounces
評論: it bounced
評論: posting on the original xvg prediction graph
1600 on Binance
Waiting on the big drop it has to happen sometime
thomas58700 KPeterson
@KPeterson, Me too, nervous that it will tank
Any thoughts if we'll have a drop again to around 1600 in the following hours? Want to place a buy order around that level.
thomas58700 Johnny66
@Johnny66, Just have to stick around
Any idea about XVG now is going to fly or down and the best value for re-enter plz?
@Oldhom, I don't think it will drop very far, I wasn't expecting the huge pull back from people buying
@Oldhom, around 1650, check out the new graph
@Oldhom, make sure to wait for it to break trend lines, don't just buy at 1650
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