XVG/BTC Pennant Spotted! At least 90% Profit!

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Hey everyone!

Another idea, hope you like it!
After looking at the graph and setting it up I have spotted a Pennant and tried to make it as simple as possible, well hope that much arrows wont confuse you!

A pennant is created when there is a significant movement in the stock, followed by a period of consolidation – this creates the pennant shape due to the converging lines. A breakout movement then occurs in the same direction as the big stock move. These are similar to flag patterns and tend to last between one and three weeks. There will be significant volume at the initial stock movement, followed by weaker volume in the pennant section, and growth in volume at the breakout.

Buy - right now is a good entry level (973 Satoshi)
Target - at least 1860 Satoshi
Stop Loss - 552 Satoshi

If you agree or dissagree comment bellow!
Invest Only Money That You Can Afford To Lose! I do not own magic Crypto ball that tells me where to Crypto will head! (fAt least not now)
If this graph gets a little attention I will update!

評論: Just found out that they released yesterday, Verge Wraith Protocol!


take a look.
評論: So far, so good!
評論: Verge looking very nice!
評論: Still in the Triangle.
評論: Some Price Action about to happen.
90% eh?
update wait verge you say
You still bullish on XVG? Target still 1860 satoshi, right?
TiborVrbovsky Falcon_Tulip
@Falcon_Tulip, Yes! At least 1860.
+1 回覆
Still on the same track??
TiborVrbovsky martinfugarte
Currently at 1180 Sat =)
@MrJan, Yeah, XVG is on the way.
NOMITRADER TiborVrbovsky
@TiborVrbovsky, it seems XVG can go down to 700 satochi and then 300 if btc shows bullish trend.
Just had a spike a little while back. Looks positive?
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