Keep an Eye on XVG; Massive sell wall, massive SHORT, then buy!

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Huge sell-wall built up at 2000 and 1950, XVG could drop very low, or enact one of the three cases presented above. Watch for it bouncing off of trendlines , but I wouldn't be surprised if it dropped down to the 1200 range. More good news regarding the crypto would make it oscillate then rise again.
評論: Orders moving up the buy list nearing millions of verge! XVG still being pushed up
評論: May post another graph, watching the resistance in the market
評論: Now dropping more
交易結束:目標達成: BUY BUY BUY
評論: Could be looking at a large bounce
評論: wait till it cuts through the trend line or bounces off
交易進行: looking bull, may go up and bounce off the sell line
交易進行: huge sell wal building up JUMP OUT SELL
評論: Hard to post updates while watching, looks incredibly risky to hold xvg now, wait for a large drop
評論: heading for another fall
交易進行: Large BUY wall forming, watch out for big bull run
評論: it is still hugging the down trend line though
評論: The buy consistence seems to be at 1500
評論: Binance started to freeze up with all the trades, didn't want to miss it
評論: There is still a good chance it could go to 1500
評論: There is a possibility of a drop, so don't freak out if it happens, xvg is very strong
交易進行: XVG looking very BULL, not dropping back into the previous trend which means we could be looking at another high rise
評論: There is one more trend line it could bounce down off of
交易進行: It bounced slightly, get ready to sell if it falls
評論: nice! it didn't bounce, still heading up
評論: Watch out strong dip!
評論: Seems to be fighting back though
交易進行: We might be looking at another bounce off of the 1770 line or 1900 then a strong drop
交易進行: Verge just broke another upward trend line! still going up!
交易進行: Watch out for a sudden stop at 2000, there is a sell wall and verge is flying up fast
評論: Beginning to stagnate
評論: XVG heading to a new low
評論: woha it pulled back
交易結束:目標達成: I have no confidence in it heading up anymore, stay out until it drops low I'll post when to buy. XVG may move up to touch the sell out wall of 2000 but it is very risky to still be in
評論: looks like we are heading into #1 predicted bounce
交易進行: I bought in at 1600, be aware it could drop so monitor the charts
評論: *holds breath*
評論: approching buy wall could shoot it up again, there is a huge buy in wall at 1600ish
評論: 1550*
評論: selling out it is dropping
交易結束:目標達成: we're heading right down
評論: (if you want to) it might drop again
評論: (this is risky gain trading, don't follow if you don't want to)
交易進行: Ok binance is freezing, I'm staying out for now
評論: holding out until it shows actual promise in rising
交易進行: yep we're heading down guys
評論: I stayed out
評論: We are now heading for pattern #2 which is great because everyone gets a low buy-in
評論: heading up
交易進行: bought in
評論: price wall forming at 7300-7400
評論: sorry wrong chart haha it is forming a wall in buy
評論: this rise might end at 1650
評論: huge buy in wave, top pushed to 1700 and 1800
評論: sell out it is dropping
評論: WARNING: BTC dropping out, buy into LTC
評論: something major is going on with BTC
評論: this might be LTC taking over BTC, going to take a look at the "gold line" graph I posted about ltc
交易進行: The drop could be over, BTC doesn't look too healthy, LTC is going the opposite direction to BTC and XRP is heading up too
評論: Perhaps buy into XVG, LTC, and XRP
交易進行: there could be another dip in XVG, I'm watching to see if it breaks 1 more trend then buying in
評論: It's poking up again, but there are a lack of buyers
評論: Sharp drop incoming
評論: Seems like it is resisting the drop, it just pushed through a higher trend line, we'll have to wait and see
評論: Could buy in now if you are daring
評論: huge sell wall approaching
評論: Looking at 1650 as a possible bottom
交易進行: Sell wall at 2000 may cause re-bound
評論: Discord discussion:
評論: We could be heading for a lower bottom out as it has cut the lower trend line
交易進行: Looks like it could be moving down to 1500 range, it will always be coming back up so I'm not worried
交易進行: buying in, looks like we are heading up again
交易進行: Someone dumped a huge amount of verge, bailed out before the drop
評論: buy back in on the drop?
評論: XVG heading for another drop, it broke many down trend lines
評論: Looking at it potentially touching 1700, then rocketing up!
手動結束交易: new chart- updated buy in numbers
And that's how the drama unfolded :D
+1 回覆
what is the strategy for now?
thomas58700 abhisheksikka8
@abhisheksikka8, hold, looks good
just sold out at profit still, hoping to get back in after the drop!
Final drop
rhood186 thomas58700
@thomas58700, whats a good price to set a buy at?
thomas58700 rhood186
@rhood186, still in a down trend; check out the discord chat, looking at 1700 now
wookiee thomas58700
@thomas58700, so then it will have another rise but not a drop at 1700s, right?
@wookiee, this comment was regarding the oscillating cone
@wookiee, nice time to buy now while it is cheap
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