XVG BTC OneMillionDollarChallenge ( HighRisk )

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
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XVG BTC OneMillionDollarChallenge ( HighRisk )
I was held back by verge at 12520 and now verge is 950 ..pls need advice either to hold or sale and move on
You my friend are a genius... Your prediction was only off by a couple of hours... Wow
I suspect that Verge's partner will be Facebook for few reasons:
-First Mark Zuckerberg announced that he was looking into cryptocurrency back in late December.
-Second the latest Facebook scandals that revolves around privacy (user should have a complete control over privacy features, choose what to share in public and what not)
-Third, Justin vendetta said that the company (potential partner) was looking into verge 6 months ago
-Justin vendetta and Mark (Facebook's CEO) had kind of the same start, in a room, and hardworking
-Verge uses also TOR which is a more familiar technology to the public, and current engineer that works in facebook. no need for new recruiters.
-Last Facebook has banned all cryptocurrency ads which explains why verge has to raise the funds for a global campaign (since it cannot happen in facebook).
this is purely a Fanatic Theory which is not intend to speculate the price, however it does seem a bit logical to me. After all the announcement is just few hours from now, we'll see !
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john24818 hhachim
@hhachim, how much do you think IF that is(never) the price would spike to..
hhachim john24818
@john24818, verge will have the same rally as IOTA did when they announced partnership with microsoft, however since we're still in kind of a bear market $0.5 is a modest prediction if that ever happens (partnership with facebook)
@hhachim, Facebook.... jesus hence why this price is pumping people are thinking its actually going to be a top company.
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