XVG being lead into bounces by large stake holders

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Rebounding on and off of the base trend line ; we should be seeing anothe hike in price. Waiting until it hits
評論: peaks could approch 2500
交易進行: Forming ideal convex buy volumes and concave sell volumes
交易進行: bouncing off and heading up
交易進行: watching for where it heads in the 1280 range
評論: placing stop limits on your orders will save you some pain if prices drop
price trending down currently
評論: 1000 looks like a good stop limit
Does XVG still have a chance? This was very unexpected. Any suggestions if we bough at 1900 and it does not bounce back up? Should we move into another crypto?
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@Fiyi77, I would keep holding if you are at a loss and watch to see if it tries to make its way back above the orange line; set a stoploss as it does seem to be still fighting moving down below that line.
You're more like a commenter of the real-time action than anything else, i guess you really like to tell the story?
@Dani555, I'd agree that is what has been happening for xvg; it has been a pain to tell where it is heading especially when a lot of market manipulation is involved. I wouldn't agree for other cryptos. I've been trying to find if this coin actually has a future and posting updates and observations due to it being so volatile. I do enjoy day trading so commenting on "real-time action" would be an accurate observation since that is what day trading is.
@Dani555, I believe the aspects of my charts that portray it this way is my lack of conforming to standard trading strategies. For example, not marking my graphs with fib progressions and Elliot waves with multiple stop targets. I think people should be closely monitoring their investments in small coins due to their volatile nature. I feel like the sequences mentioned is something that is already inherently obvious in the movement of cryptocurrencies, therefore, I would be targeting a niche of investors who prefer simpler-looking and easier to follow charts (new investors interested in trading). I've begun including more markers and common trading analysis tools in my charts because of the distaste experienced investors seem to have towards not marking the graphs.
Check out the xvg discord chat for more info; I have a chart pinned, heading off to bed :)
got out stop loss at 1175 what are we looking for to see if a trend reversal is happening?
thomas58700 MarkBenson08
@MarkBenson08, sure did; waiting on it to push further, that post was the trigger for a big drop today
jackdavidpiney thomas58700
@thomas58700, What a day it was!
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