XVG bullish flag pennent

BINANCE:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
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A little late to posting this (as I've recently transitioned to documenting my moves on tradingview) but XVG followed the typical move bullish pennant with the flagpole. The text book move made it easy to trade with confidence, especially with the cloud signals all in place.
評論: If you find my inisights of value, give me a thumbs up. It'll help queue me that posting my ideas on here is bringing value to others
評論: As we can see, this position is REALLY starting to pay off. At this point its time to plan exit strategy as the entire market starts to heat up. Now is the time to start asking "Will this outperform other projects of its class and size?"
評論: We did it, things went as planned and we are sitting on a solid 50% gain. The key here is research now.... we need fundamental analysis to back the technical moves. We see announcements coming in 2 weeks... thats some time away. So we might see some pull back and the RSI return to a healthier state before then (hopefully)
評論: Still riding this magical roller coaster. The fact that the RSI is still tame is a VERY good sign.
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