XVG Analysis with Partnership Announcement

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Hey all,

I have just done an update to suggest a new break out point 24hrs later than my previous one. Also note the patterns I have highlighted for the month of April (and a bit of March).

If the pattern continues we should see the smaller pennant occur right before the announcement however reality will probably over ride this with FOMO kicking in and volumes going through the roof, both those bulls buying and bears dumping, I get the feeling these may cancel each other out and the price may remain steady.

Either way beyond this the pattern will change due to the XVG partner announcement. I am not confident to say what will happen, perhaps it can go either way, again bears and bulls may hold the price steady as the bears hope to short and the bulls want to jump on the ride. It's going to be exciting no matter what.

Feel free to comment :)

I like Verge and want it to succeed, however I also want to protect my investment, so at what point would you suggest setting a stop loss if I bought in again at 1190?
@flamecoin, hey mate, I really wouldn't feel comfortable giving specific advice. I am just trying to identify patterns. If I had bought in there I would hold and see what happens for the announcement. Best of luck.
if the risk outweighs the benefit, rather wait and see before buying.
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